The Crown (The Selection #5) by Kiera Cass

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So apparently I got super lucky and my pre-order of The Crown by Kiera Cass got here yesterday! You have no clue how happy I was, the moment I got it I immediately started reading. So before I say anything else, let me tell you this, in my opinion this is a total and complete 5 stars! It was flawless and perfect with every single word.

I’ve been with the Selection since the very start, I read the first book just as it came out and it has always been one of my all time favorite series, even though sometimes it got me so frustrated (ahem The Elite ahem). This last installment however is my favorite out of all of the series by a long shot! All through out the book I was smiling so much my cheeks where hurting a whole lot by the ending, I can honestly say that I related so much to this character that this is the first book that I cried while reading, I’ve read a lot of shocking and a lot sadder books, but somehow Eadlyn and her feelings just got to me and they made so much sense. Don’t be scared though, I don’t want to spoil you much, there is nothing too bad happening, but it was so beautiful in places I wanted to cry out of joy too!

**Now I’m going to get more into what happens in the book, so if you hate spoilers, I advise stopping maybe? **

Warning you this is just going to be a tone of praise for the book, because I really loved it and can’t find things to scold it on! So first things first, for those who keep asking America does not die and I’m pretty happy the direction the book took. This character development was so good for Eadlyn and not just her but also her parents. I fell in love with Eadlyn in this book, her compassion and sense of loyalty and doing the right thing for her country to a fault is beyond anything I hoped for while reading the Heir. She has ambition and drive for more that makes so much sense, because her parents were Maxon and America, the most driven people ever. The pace of the book from the start was very good and fast, it didn’t have one of those super annoying recaps, where the main character takes time to remember all the things that happened previously, this just dives right in! Eadlyn being the regent! I was all over that, literally fangirling over her firing that adviser and not going to war! And her brave decision to let her parents be just a couple and start ruling early, was so selfless, yet felt so right for her. The idea just made so much sense to me, since America had a bit of a doubt about being queen, but she fought them, just so she could be with the man she loved and finally her daughter gave her a chance, to just be in love and have some time just living! While her end decision to make the country a constitutional monarchy might seem not thought out at all, since she came to the conclusion on the spot, I think it was really smart. She had just found out how much this lifestyle of having all the countries weight on your shoulders changes people, because Maxon told her about his father and she had seen first hand how even her parents working as hard as they can couldn’t handle completely everything, how they didn’t hear all the voices in the country.

The personal relationships in this book!!! I already swooned over this so much in
The Heir, but The Crown brought it to a whole new level. The elite boys we are left it are just the sweetest and as much as they melted me they melted Eadlyn even more. Right from the beginning when they bring her the flowers some even with the roots still on, that was so sweet and good! How they praise her on the report, without it ever being a bit forced, and they moment the clap immediately after she announces she will be ascending the throne is cry worthy. The group becomes so much like a family! Eadlyn’s sweet moment with her brothers as they came into her room to sleep felt so real, since that is what I did when I was small too (I’m sure we all did). I really never saw the Hale and Ean ship coming, but when it swam into my world, I just saw it all along, it was a such a nice way to go! Eadlyn’s and Kile’s relationship evolves into such a perfect moment when she let’s him go, that is the moment my tiers started to really roll down my cheeks. When Eric walks into her office and she has to tell him, she will be proposing to Henri broke my heart a little, she had grown so much, from a person who had little regard from other in her life, she became so considerate and loving. Letting the person she loves go, and I know you might say that she ended up backing away from this decision to let the love of her life go. But in my defense, she loved all of those boys, they became a part of her heart with every single little smile they put on her face each day and having to let that close group of people go is not easy. She just grew so much in those few weeks. And that is the real truth of this girl’s character development, when we are open to new things and change, the most amazing things start to happen!

Let me just say one more thing, the thing with Marid! I saw it coming from the moment she met him! My goodness, the entire time she was trusting him, I was like he wants your throne! But obviously this was very needed to progress the book faster and gave an amazing reason for the selection to end! Furthermore, one thing I loved the moment when she noticed General Ledger was having a hard time and literally made him go to his wife, that was definitely a thing she would have not noticed or done before the selection.

**I promise that the spoilers ended, I think I pretty much told most of every plot twist up there so, read at your own risk!**

I can tell you that I fell in love with every page of this book, there was not a sentence out of place for me and I see myself rereading it more than a few times in the future. It has so many nice moments, so heartfelt and sweet. It shows how people you surround yourself with make such a big impact on who you are and how you feel. They can make you feel better in a heartbeat and you forget all the hardships that you have. It was smart, affectionate and reached me deep in my heart. Life is never easy and smooth or perfect, but it’s the choices we make and the people we choose in life that make those imperfections special and completely worth it. This book was a everything I hoped and so much more and if you read my whole review, even the spoiled parts, still read the book! My tiny bit of spoiling of the biggest events is so not enough to understand, I could never tell you all the feelings that I felt or every moment my heart skipped meats and knees melted. I can honestly say, to me this is a complete an total thousand stars! 🙂

I really tried to express all my feelings and thoughts on this book, I think I could write an entire book on them, so I’m going to stop now and hopefully you’ll read it and feel the same as me 🙂

One line from the beginning of the book just jumped at me.

“I had power and no idea how to use it. I was a ruler who didn’t know how to lead. I was a twin who was on her own. I was a daughter with missing parents. I had a half dozen suitors and wasn’t sure how to be in love.”

It’s so beautiful seeing this young girl become a real ruler and a woman who picks herself up when she stumbles and is true to herself and the people around her. OK! I’m stopping now! I promise!

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Angel in Training by C. L. Coffey

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So this might not seem like big a surprise, and it’s not, but I’m a huge procrastinator. So this month I signed up to give a review for Angel in Training by C.L. Coffey on YA Bound Book Tours and I had to post my review until the end of April. Obviously I only read the book on April 29th and I’m writing the review on the last day of the month, because of reasons. That’s sounds like I had a reason… Because of Laziness… 😦 (I feel ashamed)

Anyways, this book blew me away a little. First of all it’s a YA novel, how a girl becomes an angel. And let me tell you, did not sound that appealing to me at first and just in general, I’m not too big on the whole angel fantasy train. However for what it’s worth, this book was very good. While the basis did sound a little weird for me, it made up for it in the way it was written. So many jokes and great lines that made me grin and laugh. I just enjoyed this book a lot. While it wouldn’t make my top favorite list, it was definitely very good!

The main character is a strong female, who is in the middle of college and hasn’t really got her life figured out yet. I related to her a lot in this book, since I’m in the same place at life right now and this just made the book that much better! What I loved was how this girl is a completely normal person and how she adapts to this whole new world of believing and a God she never did and belonging to a world she never had faith in. That journey just felt so natural and well written and thought out. My favorite character is Cupid for sure. Every scene with him is pure genius and joy.

With most YA books we have this a bit of a PG feeling, because if it’s steamier it’s always a lot more smutty and is NA. This book feel like it fits between these two. It didn’t feel too naive as some YA books tend to, but did not have enough smut to make it feel like a guilty pleasure. This made it so much more enjoyable and real for me. It really felt like that world could be real and like this could happen to me, which is really how I understand that a book is well thought out and written!

All in all, I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys YA, you might not make it a favorite, but you will certainly have a great time, fall in love with some great characters and will have a lot of ships to ship into your OTP ocean. I give it a 5/5 stars and in my own personal rating it’s a sleepless night! I’m currently reading the sequel and will be sure to tell you all if the series improves or not!

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The Secret Diamond Sisters (#1 & #2) by Michelle Madow

Hi guys! So I read the first two books in The Secret Diamond Sisters trilogy, but couldn’t get my hands on the third, although I really wanted to. Just couldn’t get the book right now 😦

Anyways, I’ve decided to review both of the books in one post since my opinion is pretty much the same on both. I was really excited to read this trilogy and I have to say I was a bit let down. It wasn’t very bad, but it did not live up to all of the hopes I had for it. Over all I would give it a solid 3/5 stars. However at the end of the second book it did get better, but not by much, just made me want to pick up the third book. Still on my personal scale these ended up being a full nights sleep.

So first of all, yet again I feel like the  multiple POVs kind of flopped in these books, because even though it tells the story from all points of views and is a great way to make every character relatable, it didn’t really pull me into the book and I ended up not relating to any since there were so many different people and the chapters were pretty short. What I’m trying to say is that maybe 4 POVs plus the school forum was a little too much and I personally didn’t connect to any of the characters which made this book experience lesser for me. The beginning of the first book was very fast passed and then it felt like it stopped, the story was building up to something and then just stopped in the middle, felt a lot like sprinting at the beginning of a running marathon (We all know that does not work out well) and since there was this big build up the entire book for a big plot twist the ending of the first book felt too little for the build up it had. Now if we get deeper into the characters, it felt a bit unnatural how fast these three girls who had an entire lifetime of memories and experiences got used to this new world view so fast. I think there should have been more character development. Savannah who grew up in a public school and didn’t have any money, even though she is a bit shallow and kind hearted, shouldn’t just trust these rich kids so easily, just because they are handsome. These three sisters have all the money in the world and they buy shoes and clothes and expensive dinners instead of flying home to see their gradma or friends? Even if they didn’t want to do that, i think that if they got such access to all the world had to offer they would have at least tried to see the world more, to experience things that they couldn’t before, beyond the shallow and sparkling world. Courtney could have had some amazing scenes how she can finally buy the books she has always wanted to have or something like that. While in the first few chapter I thought that Peyton is going to be my least favorite one, she ended up being the most interesting to read about and the only ship I actually wanted to see happening was her and her body guard in this series.

The second book was a little bid better than the first one, just because the ending picked up the pace and got a lot more interesting. We get more intrigued about their father and this whole plot twist of Courtney having a twin that died really threw me and I did not expected it at all. I was glad about that surprise and it was the thing that kept me reading till the finish of the book. The thing I really started hating is Madison and her POV just because of what kind of character was established for her, I feel like her not confronting and telling anyone was very out of character for her. She was painted as a strong female and a survivor, and I feel like she wouldn’t wait, she would pounce like a panther or lash out instead of this sort of quiet protest she had going. Peyton yet again was the most fun to read in the sequel too, but only because I am a real sucker for some good teacher/student flirting. Savannah and her love interests got a bit boring and just annoying, it frustrated me how she is so naive and never learns.

All in all, if you like fun and a bit shallow stories, that resemble Gossip Girl (Loved the show but for some reason reading about such a world didn’t tickle me right) you might like it. Not bad books, but just didn’t really feel right for me.They were fast and surprising, but frustrating and anticlimactic  at the same time. But I might still read the last book just to see how the story wraps up if I ever get the time and the mood. This in no way resembles my feelings towards Michelle Madow as a writer and I will definitely pick up her new series to check it out!

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Hawaiian Heartbreak by Libby Cole

Hi guys! So after my first review on a new adult series Libby Cole commented how she loves fluff filled steamy romance and I saw she has a book of her own! And what an amazing book it was.

Have you ever read a book where it is just never ending heaven and goodness? Well now I have. In new adult novels there is always that terrifying place, around 70 per cent into the story, where something terrible or just bad happens, before that cute ending where they reunite. I’m sure you have noticed this as well and if you are anything like me, this is starting to get on your nerves. I myself am getting seriously paranoid now when I read romance, just because I know that big bump in the road is coming and you may argue it is needed to advance the story. Well I argue that for once could you just let the characters be? Libby Cole has done just that in the Hawaiian Heartbreak.

Now understand I am not saying that there characters had no downs and ups or character development, because they did. But when that bomb hits them time came in the story, there was none and this made me fall in love with this book so much. These two very different people came to an island both looking for something and found each other. Both running from a world that is cold and mechanic to the amazing islands of adventure, which in itself is like taking a vacation in a book. But these two people had their problems to deal with and to mold two different personalities and lives to accompany each other. That is not an easy task on itself and this book just shows it so beautifully.

And if you have never been to Hawaii before, now you will for sure want to go. This is one of those books that describes so many beautiful adventures and sceneries  that I just became infatuated and it led to me googling all these places for a few hours after reading this novel.

This is a definite feel good book and it has just the right things in all the right places 😀 The angst, fluff, let’s not forget the well placed steamy lemons in it. Among other new adult novels I rate it 5/5 stars and in my special rating system it is a complete sleepless night! Check out this book on amazon because the ebook version is free and if you enjoy fluffy and steamy romance novels trust me, you will not regret it!

Sorry if it seems like I’m only praising this book, but I’m just super in love with it, I was in a pretty big reading slump and this book brought me back big time! ❤ Thanks Libby for bringing this treasure into my life!

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Perfect Sense by Amanda Cowen *book tour* *Spoiler free*

Hi guys! I’m participating in another book tour! Perfect Sense by Amanda Cowen was a very nice New Adult novel. I give it a 4,7/5 stars, if only compared to other New Adult novels, among all books maybe a 3,8/5 stars. In my own personal rating definitely a complete no sleep night, since I read it in one sitting through the night and ended up missing my classes for that day.

I love the chemistry between the main characters and how there was no certain bad guy in the story, every character seemed real and not 2 dimensional. We all know I always love a good girl and bad boy romance and this one was pretty damn perfect. Although I would have to admit I never saw the twist at the end coming and now I am pretty sad that I’ll have to wait for the next book.

I’m starting to really enjoy this whole hockey theme a lot of the new adult novels follow lately and I’m already picking up the slang, so danger alert this book might make you interested in sports you never cared for before! It was certainly filled with just the right amount of angst, steam and fluff for me to enjoy it immensely. I have deeply fallen in love with both of the main characters and I don’t want to fall out. So hopefully it won’t take too long for the next book to arrive!

If you love light and fast paced new adult novels, filled with angst and steamy lemons pick this read up, you certainly won’t regret it!

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Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen #2)

Hi everyone! Yet again I am sooooo sorry that I didn’t take notes while reading this book and the review might be a little shallow, but I just was so gripped by the book and also I was reading it on a bus and therefor it was sadly noteless 😦

First of all I loved this book so much! So the review might lack disadvantages on the book, honestly, I don’t remember any being there. It was amazing. Certainly liked it more than the first book and I am so happy I gave these series a chance. The Glass Sword gave me so many feels and for the first time ever I actually cried reading a book. I know there are times when you heart broken and in pain while reading, but I’ve never really had tears leave my eyes in times like those, but this ending, it just broke me completely down and I was on a bus sobbing.

I give it 4.9/5 starts as there will for sure be a third book and I’m leaving that 0.1 for the next book in case it gets even better. In my own special rating system it’s a complete loss of sleep in the extreme, where the next day you stop functioning and just can’t get over the book you just read. I won’t lei to you I was in a bit of a reading slump after this and had to read a lot of angsty new adult novels in order to get over it.

I simply loved how this story progressed and where it went, the personal relationships and how they developed  felt very real. I am stuck on the Cale ship forever (Cal and Mare, and can we fangirl for a moment over their perfect ship name), even back in the Red Queen when Maven was not completely evil I was on team Cal and with this sequel I just couldn’t handle my ship feels, how my ship started to take of shore and just AHHH!! ❤ It gave me a very nice balance for all the heartbreak Victoria Aveyard is giving me all over again. However nothing tops the ending, it has been a few weeks since I read this book and I am still a little sad and mad about it, but can I just say how it was so tragic and sad that it almost felt poetic and had that Shakespearian beauty in it.

The whole dilemma of Mare becoming more ruthless and cold hearted was so believable and in my opinion human. This girl has literally been through terrible thing one after the other her entire life and as her half fills at some point she is bound to have these kinds of feelings. I know this puts this darker shade over her character, but I loved this, because I feel like sometimes in Young Adult novels the characters are unbelievably good to a fault where they stop feeling real to me. Mare feels like she could be a real person, making these kind of impossible decisions where no outcome is ever good enough.

All in all, I completely fell in love with these series and I can’t wait for the next book and I hope it doesn’t fail me and becomes a complete 5 stars! 🙂

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Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2) by Morgan Rhodes

So I’ve finished this book a while back and forgot to take notes, so this review might not be very deep, I’m very sorry for that, but my studies were biting me in the ass and I just had to take some time of writing and reading.

Anyways, the second book in the Falling Kingdoms series broke my heart over and over. At least once it would me nice if one of the characters wasn’t suffering. But I guess this is what war does to people.

I like the plot and the way the story develops, but I am still having the same problem with the too many povs and for me it’s hard to relate and get into it, I start liking only one of the main character and then it takes too long to get back to it’s pov, on the other hand this way we get to see the story from all sides and understand it better. So this has both pluses and minuses. The Second big disadvantage when it comes to these series for me is no clear ships, the romance plots are all over the place, everyone is into everyone and kissing whom ever and this throws me off a little. As I’ve already said in the Falling Kingdoms review, I feel these books would greatly improve if there was a little more development on the romantic relationships and I would like to see the love grow and have some nice moments, now it felt a little like it’s there out of nowhere and they change fast. Lastly of course the moment you start liking someone and rooting for a couple people die, but I’m just being mean, because I feel a little hurt. I understand the necessity of the deaths and the pain in these stories as they push the characters to develop and advance the plot forward.

Now about the things I like, the book is pretty easy to follow and the writing is very good and you never know what will happen next, it’s pretty hard to guess, which is always a huge plus. I love how we get to find out more and more of the legends and magical aspects of the land and also how the main villains are very despicable you could never root for them.

All in all I hope I get to the next book in the series soon and I think I will for sure keep on with these books and follow the series until their end. I give this one a solid 3.7, the story is definitely getting more gripping, but still had some disadvantages in my opinion. In my sleep versus read standards I give it a solid fall asleep at 3 am and get a lot less sleep kind of book! 🙂

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