The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente

I’m now actually back on this book train. So I’ve not been reviewing or posting anything for I think about 2 years now. And for anyone who was following this blog, I’m sorry. But as many of you, hopefully, will understand sometimes life happens and is in the way of productivity and actually enjoying a book.

So I’m finally back here with a review of an actual book I read! Obviously I couldn’t be a good normal productive human, and I read this quite fun read like a month ago and forgot I’m reviewing it… Again I feel like I’m just here to say sorry!

Firstly, I found myself enjoying this book more than I expected and while  there are some aspects of it I wasn’t fond of and didn’t like, I’ll get into it a bit later, it was fun and light to read, which is just what I needed to get me back into the world of books, from the world of fanfiction I’ve been stuck in for the past 2 years! “The most special chosen” is your day of the mill vampire love story and I found it enjoyable as it didn’t take itself too seriously. It reminded me of the joy I felt in reading Twilight back in the day and even though most people frown upon it, like it’s a joke now. When it came out, everyone was reading it, we all know we loved it.

Vampires are exciting and generally fun to read and y’all know I love me a good romance. Again this review might not be the most accurate story line wise as it’s been a few weeks since I read this book, but it’s great, because I’m not spoiling you on anything!

My biggest criticism to this novel would be that the main character took too long to realize her love interest was a vampire, as it was pretty obvious and she was obsessed with them. I feel like this was a bit frustrating to read in places and I found myself screaming at her for not knowing it after all this time. After I read it all, this choice from the author started to make sense as the book was intended to become a series. However, I think it could have benefited with more plot of her knowing he is a vampire and them together in this setting as well as it aiding the story in the next problem it faced, which was the fact that after she found out the plot just shoots of from nowhere to a million miles a second which is a bit unsettling while reading. The ending felt very rushed and cut off and everything escalated at a high speed, which wouldn’t be a problem in itself, but it was very noticeable as right before, it was a bit dragging and frustrating for a while. So the biggest minus I entailed as a reader was the inconsistency in the pace of the plot and story development.

I would suggest this to anyone who loves a good lighthearted vampire romance, just to get back into reading. It’s fun and sweet and it has all the cheesy and angsty fluff you’d want in a novel such as this. People often discard books like this as not good or look down upon them, but in my opinion there is much to be said in defence of a good vampire romance novel. It gives you all the mushy feelings you are craving, is addictive to read, therefor often you’ll finish it in one sitting. And you know me, I love a one sitting book in the middle of the night that leaves me happy!

The most special chosen by Rachel de la Fuente was a fun and entertaining read that I found myself enjoying. It definitely is a run of the mill romance novel, but that’s not a bad thing, because they are fun to read and you need one every once in a while. I’m definitely tuning in for the next book in the series as I’m now fully hooked and addicted to the story line. It had it’s faults, but also made it up to me, by being unapologetically what it is and the small french details gave it a nice foreign (actually a part of this world, not just USA) feeling. With so many vampire related books out there it found new ways to have the twists and terminology that i’ve not heard of yet and I applaud it for this, as it couldn’t have been an easy feat!

Over all a strong 3.8 out of 5 stars for me. I have pretty big hopes for the next one pace wise and an inventive story line and hopefully the rating will only increase for this series! As always I also rate in my own system and this is a good fall asleep at 3am with your eyes fighting your body to sleep book!

As I’m finally intending to be reviewing books (hopefully not a few weeks after reading them) and have been binge buying piles of them lately, you should probably follow this blog! And as a horrible hordering shopping addicted person does, I have too many books and I’ll be making a giveaway soon on my book instagram and here as well! Tune in for that! Thanks to Lola’s Blog Tours for the opportunity to review this book 🙂

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