So I’ve been gone for a long time. I’m not even sure why I’m suddenly coming back to this. I just feel like I did wrong abandoning this. I liked it a lot. Sharing my thoughts an opinions and it eats at me that I stopped. I might not have let any of you down (not many people read this), but I did let myself down by kind of giving up on this blog. So I’ve decided to start it back up again!

I might do some more on here and not just reviews from now on. I’m trying to write a novel, even doing nanowrimo, which I’m super behind in, because I’ve spend the past to three days binge reading smutty romance novels. But I want to share more of my writing struggles and ideas here. Not just book reviews. I also want to pay more attention to my youtube channel and I might do posts to go along with my videos.

So first of all the reason I stopped posting without warning is, well simply put, life caught up to me. I was starting and internship for the summer and also having finals and even though I continues to read a lot, the reviews started piling up and then the pile was too intimidating to tackle and I abandoned it. IT’s one of those where you start ignoring a tiny chore and it snowballs into this huge thing. In general though I hate how this blog became as a chore in my mind. Not as a fun outlet. I want to make it fun and something I liek doing again.

So yah, I’m sorry I was gone, I’ll start posting again, not sure how often (I’d prefer to do it every damn day) because life tends to happen and get out of hand. But I don’t want to quit this. This gives me purpose and a voice.

IF you have any ideas for posts or books i should read, or anything really, if you just wanna chat that’s cool too, contact me!

As always please follow me on twitter @iamnotmoon and instagram @sleepvsread also check out my youtube channel! Friend me on Goodreads! 🙂



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