The Crown (The Selection #5) by Kiera Cass

Hi everyone!

So apparently I got super lucky and my pre-order of The Crown by Kiera Cass got here yesterday! You have no clue how happy I was, the moment I got it I immediately started reading. So before I say anything else, let me tell you this, in my opinion this is a total and complete 5 stars! It was flawless and perfect with every single word.

I’ve been with the Selection since the very start, I read the first book just as it came out and it has always been one of my all time favorite series, even though sometimes it got me so frustrated (ahem The Elite ahem). This last installment however is my favorite out of all of the series by a long shot! All through out the book I was smiling so much my cheeks where hurting a whole lot by the ending, I can honestly say that I related so much to this character that this is the first book that I cried while reading, I’ve read a lot of shocking and a lot sadder books, but somehow Eadlyn and her feelings just got to me and they made so much sense. Don’t be scared though, I don’t want to spoil you much, there is nothing too bad happening, but it was so beautiful in places I wanted to cry out of joy too!

**Now I’m going to get more into what happens in the book, so if you hate spoilers, I advise stopping maybe? **

Warning you this is just going to be a tone of praise for the book, because I really loved it and can’t find things to scold it on! So first things first, for those who keep asking America does not die and I’m pretty happy the direction the book took. This character development was so good for Eadlyn and not just her but also her parents. I fell in love with Eadlyn in this book, her compassion and sense of loyalty and doing the right thing for her country to a fault is beyond anything I hoped for while reading the Heir. She has ambition and drive for more that makes so much sense, because her parents were Maxon and America, the most driven people ever. The pace of the book from the start was very good and fast, it didn’t have one of those super annoying recaps, where the main character takes time to remember all the things that happened previously, this just dives right in! Eadlyn being the regent! I was all over that, literally fangirling over her firing that adviser and not going to war! And her brave decision to let her parents be just a couple and start ruling early, was so selfless, yet felt so right for her. The idea just made so much sense to me, since America had a bit of a doubt about being queen, but she fought them, just so she could be with the man she loved and finally her daughter gave her a chance, to just be in love and have some time just living! While her end decision to make the country a constitutional monarchy might seem not thought out at all, since she came to the conclusion on the spot, I think it was really smart. She had just found out how much this lifestyle of having all the countries weight on your shoulders changes people, because Maxon told her about his father and she had seen first hand how even her parents working as hard as they can couldn’t handle completely everything, how they didn’t hear all the voices in the country.

The personal relationships in this book!!! I already swooned over this so much in
The Heir, but The Crown brought it to a whole new level. The elite boys we are left it are just the sweetest and as much as they melted me they melted Eadlyn even more. Right from the beginning when they bring her the flowers some even with the roots still on, that was so sweet and good! How they praise her on the report, without it ever being a bit forced, and they moment the clap immediately after she announces she will be ascending the throne is cry worthy. The group becomes so much like a family! Eadlyn’s sweet moment with her brothers as they came into her room to sleep felt so real, since that is what I did when I was small too (I’m sure we all did). I really never saw the Hale and Ean ship coming, but when it swam into my world, I just saw it all along, it was a such a nice way to go! Eadlyn’s and Kile’s relationship evolves into such a perfect moment when she let’s him go, that is the moment my tiers started to really roll down my cheeks. When Eric walks into her office and she has to tell him, she will be proposing to Henri broke my heart a little, she had grown so much, from a person who had little regard from other in her life, she became so considerate and loving. Letting the person she loves go, and I know you might say that she ended up backing away from this decision to let the love of her life go. But in my defense, she loved all of those boys, they became a part of her heart with every single little smile they put on her face each day and having to let that close group of people go is not easy. She just grew so much in those few weeks. And that is the real truth of this girl’s character development, when we are open to new things and change, the most amazing things start to happen!

Let me just say one more thing, the thing with Marid! I saw it coming from the moment she met him! My goodness, the entire time she was trusting him, I was like he wants your throne! But obviously this was very needed to progress the book faster and gave an amazing reason for the selection to end! Furthermore, one thing I loved the moment when she noticed General Ledger was having a hard time and literally made him go to his wife, that was definitely a thing she would have not noticed or done before the selection.

**I promise that the spoilers ended, I think I pretty much told most of every plot twist up there so, read at your own risk!**

I can tell you that I fell in love with every page of this book, there was not a sentence out of place for me and I see myself rereading it more than a few times in the future. It has so many nice moments, so heartfelt and sweet. It shows how people you surround yourself with make such a big impact on who you are and how you feel. They can make you feel better in a heartbeat and you forget all the hardships that you have. It was smart, affectionate and reached me deep in my heart. Life is never easy and smooth or perfect, but it’s the choices we make and the people we choose in life that make those imperfections special and completely worth it. This book was a everything I hoped and so much more and if you read my whole review, even the spoiled parts, still read the book! My tiny bit of spoiling of the biggest events is so not enough to understand, I could never tell you all the feelings that I felt or every moment my heart skipped meats and knees melted. I can honestly say, to me this is a complete an total thousand stars! 🙂

I really tried to express all my feelings and thoughts on this book, I think I could write an entire book on them, so I’m going to stop now and hopefully you’ll read it and feel the same as me 🙂

One line from the beginning of the book just jumped at me.

“I had power and no idea how to use it. I was a ruler who didn’t know how to lead. I was a twin who was on her own. I was a daughter with missing parents. I had a half dozen suitors and wasn’t sure how to be in love.”

It’s so beautiful seeing this young girl become a real ruler and a woman who picks herself up when she stumbles and is true to herself and the people around her. OK! I’m stopping now! I promise!

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