Angel in Training by C. L. Coffey

Hi Everyone!

So this might not seem like big a surprise, and it’s not, but I’m a huge procrastinator. So this month I signed up to give a review for Angel in Training by C.L. Coffey on YA Bound Book Tours and I had to post my review until the end of April. Obviously I only read the book on April 29th and I’m writing the review on the last day of the month, because of reasons. That’s sounds like I had a reason… Because of Laziness… 😦 (I feel ashamed)

Anyways, this book blew me away a little. First of all it’s a YA novel, how a girl becomes an angel. And let me tell you, did not sound that appealing to me at first and just in general, I’m not too big on the whole angel fantasy train. However for what it’s worth, this book was very good. While the basis did sound a little weird for me, it made up for it in the way it was written. So many jokes and great lines that made me grin and laugh. I just enjoyed this book a lot. While it wouldn’t make my top favorite list, it was definitely very good!

The main character is a strong female, who is in the middle of college and hasn’t really got her life figured out yet. I related to her a lot in this book, since I’m in the same place at life right now and this just made the book that much better! What I loved was how this girl is a completely normal person and how she adapts to this whole new world of believing and a God she never did and belonging to a world she never had faith in. That journey just felt so natural and well written and thought out. My favorite character is Cupid for sure. Every scene with him is pure genius and joy.

With most YA books we have this a bit of a PG feeling, because if it’s steamier it’s always a lot more smutty and is NA. This book feel like it fits between these two. It didn’t feel too naive as some YA books tend to, but did not have enough smut to make it feel like a guilty pleasure. This made it so much more enjoyable and real for me. It really felt like that world could be real and like this could happen to me, which is really how I understand that a book is well thought out and written!

All in all, I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys YA, you might not make it a favorite, but you will certainly have a great time, fall in love with some great characters and will have a lot of ships to ship into your OTP ocean. I give it a 5/5 stars and in my own personal rating it’s a sleepless night! I’m currently reading the sequel and will be sure to tell you all if the series improves or not!

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