The Secret Diamond Sisters (#1 & #2) by Michelle Madow

Hi guys! So I read the first two books in The Secret Diamond Sisters trilogy, but couldn’t get my hands on the third, although I really wanted to. Just couldn’t get the book right now 😦

Anyways, I’ve decided to review both of the books in one post since my opinion is pretty much the same on both. I was really excited to read this trilogy and I have to say I was a bit let down. It wasn’t very bad, but it did not live up to all of the hopes I had for it. Over all I would give it a solid 3/5 stars. However at the end of the second book it did get better, but not by much, just made me want to pick up the third book. Still on my personal scale these ended up being a full nights sleep.

So first of all, yet again I feel like the Β multiple POVs kind of flopped in these books, because even though it tells the story from all points of views and is a great way to make every character relatable, it didn’t really pull me into the book and I ended up not relating to any since there were so many different people and the chapters were pretty short. What I’m trying to say is that maybe 4 POVs plus the school forum was a little too much and I personally didn’t connect to any of the characters which made this book experience lesser for me. The beginning of the first book was very fast passed and then it felt like it stopped, the story was building up to something and then just stopped in the middle, felt a lot like sprinting at the beginning of a running marathon (We all know that does not work out well) and since there was this big build up the entire book for a big plot twist the ending of the first book felt too little for the build up it had. Now if we get deeper into the characters, it felt a bit unnatural how fast these three girls who had an entire lifetime of memories and experiences got used to this new world view so fast. I think there should have been more character development. Savannah who grew up in a public school and didn’t have any money, even though she is a bit shallow and kind hearted, shouldn’t just trust these rich kids so easily, just because they are handsome. These three sisters have all the money in the world and they buy shoes and clothes and expensive dinners instead of flying home to see their gradma or friends? Even if they didn’t want to do that, i think that if they got such access to all the world had to offer they would have at least tried to see the world more, to experience things that they couldn’t before, beyond the shallow and sparkling world. Courtney could have had some amazing scenes how she can finally buy the books she has always wanted to have or something like that. While in the first few chapter I thought that Peyton is going to be my least favorite one, she ended up being the most interesting to read about and the only ship I actually wanted to see happening was her and her body guard in this series.

The second book was a little bid better than the first one, just because the ending picked up the pace and got a lot more interesting. We get more intrigued about their father and this whole plot twist of Courtney having a twin that died really threw me and I did not expected it at all. I was glad about that surprise and it was the thing that kept me reading till the finish of the book. The thing I really started hating is Madison and her POV just because of what kind of character was established for her, I feel like her not confronting and telling anyone was very out of character for her. She was painted as a strong female and a survivor, and I feel like she wouldn’t wait, she would pounce like a panther or lash out instead of this sort of quiet protest she had going. Peyton yet again was the most fun to read in the sequel too, but only because I am a real sucker for some good teacher/student flirting. Savannah and her love interests got a bit boring and just annoying, it frustrated me how she is so naive and never learns.

All in all, if you like fun and a bit shallow stories, that resemble Gossip Girl (Loved the show but for some reason reading about such a world didn’t tickle me right) you might like it. Not bad books, but just didn’t really feel right for me.They were fast and surprising, but frustrating and anticlimactic Β at the same time. But I might still read the last book just to see how the story wraps up if I ever get the time and the mood. This in no way resembles my feelings towards Michelle Madow as a writer and I will definitely pick up her new series to check it out!

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