Hawaiian Heartbreak by Libby Cole

Hi guys! So after my first review on a new adult series Libby Cole commented how she loves fluff filled steamy romance and I saw she has a book of her own! And what an amazing book it was.

Have you ever read a book where it is just never ending heaven and goodness? Well now I have. In new adult novels there is always that terrifying place, around 70 per cent into the story, where something terrible or just bad happens, before that cute ending where they reunite. I’m sure you have noticed this as well and if you are anything like me, this is starting to get on your nerves. I myself am getting seriously paranoid now when I read romance, just because I know that big bump in the road is coming and you may argue it is needed to advance the story. Well I argue that for once could you just let the characters be? Libby Cole has done just that in the Hawaiian Heartbreak.

Now understand I am not saying that there characters had no downs and ups or character development, because they did. But when that bomb hits them time came in the story, there was none and this made me fall in love with this book so much. These two very different people came to an island both looking for something and found each other. Both running from a world that is cold and mechanic to the amazing islands of adventure, which in itself is like taking a vacation in a book. But these two people had their problems to deal with and to mold two different personalities and lives to accompany each other. That is not an easy task on itself and this book just shows it so beautifully.

And if you have never been to Hawaii before, now you will for sure want to go. This is one of those books that describes so many beautiful adventures and sceneries  that I just became infatuated and it led to me googling all these places for a few hours after reading this novel.

This is a definite feel good book and it has just the right things in all the right places 😀 The angst, fluff, let’s not forget the well placed steamy lemons in it. Among other new adult novels I rate it 5/5 stars and in my special rating system it is a complete sleepless night! Check out this book on amazon because the ebook version is free and if you enjoy fluffy and steamy romance novels trust me, you will not regret it!

Sorry if it seems like I’m only praising this book, but I’m just super in love with it, I was in a pretty big reading slump and this book brought me back big time! ❤ Thanks Libby for bringing this treasure into my life!

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