Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2) by Morgan Rhodes

So I’ve finished this book a while back and forgot to take notes, so this review might not be very deep, I’m very sorry for that, but my studies were biting me in the ass and I just had to take some time of writing and reading.

Anyways, the second book in the Falling Kingdoms series broke my heart over and over. At least once it would me nice if one of the characters wasn’t suffering. But I guess this is what war does to people.

I like the plot and the way the story develops, but I am still having the same problem with the too many povs and for me it’s hard to relate and get into it, I start liking only one of the main character and then it takes too long to get back to it’s pov, on the other hand this way we get to see the story from all sides and understand it better. So this has both pluses and minuses. The Second big disadvantage when it comes to these series for me is no clear ships, the romance plots are all over the place, everyone is into everyone and kissing whom ever and this throws me off a little. As I’ve already said in the Falling Kingdoms review, I feel these books would greatly improve if there was a little more development on the romantic relationships and I would like to see the love grow and have some nice moments, now it felt a little like it’s there out of nowhere and they change fast. Lastly of course the moment you start liking someone and rooting for a couple people die, but I’m just being mean, because I feel a little hurt. I understand the necessity of the deaths and the pain in these stories as they push the characters to develop and advance the plot forward.

Now about the things I like, the book is pretty easy to follow and the writing is very good and you never know what will happen next, it’s pretty hard to guess, which is always a huge plus. I love how we get to find out more and more of the legends and magical aspects of the land and also how the main villains are very despicable you could never root for them.

All in all I hope I get to the next book in the series soon and I think I will for sure keep on with these books and follow the series until their end. I give this one a solid 3.7, the story is definitely getting more gripping, but still had some disadvantages in my opinion. In my sleep versus read standards I give it a solid fall asleep at 3 am and get a lot less sleep kind of book! 🙂

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Keep on reading!


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