Of fear and faith by N.D. Jones *Spoiler free* + GIVEAWAY

Hi everyone, so I had to read this book for a book tour and yet again I was surprised how good it was, somehow when I read for book tours I expect the books to be less great than those super popular hyped up ones, but really this one was better than a lot of the best-sellers I’ve read. It took me only a day to read it, my mom thought I was not home, because I started reading it around lunch and then came out of this trance when it ended in the evening. I think that is one of the signs of a great book on it’s own, when you are so lost in another world or someone else’s life that you seem to forget everything around you.

Of fear and faith is this amazing fantasy romance novel that I would describe as a more mature Vampire Academy, but with Egyptian inspired gods and myths instead of vampires. The reason for my, probably a bit weird, description is that the main power couple in the book feels a lot like VA’s Dimitri and Rose, I just get that feeling. They have a lot to overcome, yet are similar in so many ways and have this huge chemistry between them. So amazing to read a good romance plot without it being a love triangle or insta-love. I might say this a lot in this post, but this book is very beautifully written, I just liked the way it felt and grasped my attention from the start. Has a bit of a detective feeling since the world is not fully revealed to us and we have to pick up the peaces and put the puzzle together for ourselves as we move along the story. I also found the egyptian myths twist so enjoyable and new.

So diving deeper I would like to say that I’ve decided to give it a 4.5/5 stars and leave some place for improvement for the next book in the trilogy. The only real minus I saw in this one, was that the ending felt a little rushed and just not full, it might be just because it’s a first book and there are two more, but it just didn’t satisfy my hopes for it. Around the middle I could already guess where this first book is going to end and well I just wanted more of a twist for the ending or maybe it could have ended with more of a fluff and steamed filled chapter. Another thing that ticks me off a little is the cover art, I don’t judge the books by their covers, but I do love a pretty book and this cover is not too nice on the eyes.

The way the story progressed it felt a lot like the Falling Kingdom series as it also is written from multiple points of views, but this book had the thing I missed in those series, which is the capability of being completely lost in it, also has that one very clear romance plot.

It was very refreshing to have the main characters who are not teenagers and that steamy part to it. This was like my two favorite kind of books all in one. I enjoyed how the lemons didn’t seem out of place and even though there were quite a few it didn’t seem like too much. The character development is fantastic and we see these two people grow together as a couple and as two individuals. It feels very real and not overdone. I found it weird how for the first time in any sort of romance I was relating more to the male character than the female. And just let me tell you I fell in deep deep love with Assefa, if only all of us could have such an amazing man in our lives.

All in all, this was a total read instead of sleep kind of book and I would recommend it to all of you out there. It was refreshing, steamy and made me want to live in that universe and be an elemental witch and have a familiar cat of my own. I just loved how myths from different cultures were all intertwined and I’ve just never read anything like this book!

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3 thoughts on “Of fear and faith by N.D. Jones *Spoiler free* + GIVEAWAY

  1. Thank you so very much for giving my first full-length novel a try. More, I’m grateful for your participation in my blog tour, as well as your kind words and constructive feedback.

    Thank you,
    N.D. Jones

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