Off Campus (#1-#3) by Elle Kennedy

Hi everyone, so I recently finished up with the third book from the Off-Campus series. And I have to say I enjoyed myself immensely. These three books have been the reason for me having no reading slums lately, when ever I felt in a rut, I just picked up an Elle Kennedy new adult novel and blew through it in one night.

So the Off-Campus series has three books:

  1. The Deal
  2. The Mistake
  3. The Score

An there should be a fourth book titled The Goal and the expected publication is 2016 September. (I can’t wait for it!) In general this series focuses on a few friends from a university Hockey team and their significant others. Some may call a book like this a guilty pleasure read, but I believe there is nothing guilty in sometimes reading a sexy and fluffy novel that makes you feel happy. Each book in the series is about a different couple and you can read them in what ever order you like. IΒ accidentally read the second book first, yet it didn’t impact my reading experience at all. I liked how there was always things to overcome and the characters developed and improved. These books didn’t feel too cliche and cheesy like adult novels sometimes end up being. So If you enjoy some steam and romance I really suggest picking this series up!

So I gave all the books 5\5 starts, since I am a sucker for that fluffy unexpected romance and I could find any big things that I didn’t enjoy in these books. I definitely see myself rereading these in a few years when I forget some of the plot or get a reading slump. Each of these became a complete all nighter for me and even cost me some missed classes. If I had to pick my favorite I think it would be The Mistake, just because I found the tasks Logan had to do for Grace so cute and sweet and just the entire dynamic of their relationship hit really close to home. Even though my university experience is completely different from the normal American college one, I still related to every single one of the main female characters in some way which I thought was an achievement of great writing since I find books hard to read where I don’t relate or don’t want to cheer on the protagonist.

I always like reading series like this one, where the author doesn’t go overboard with extending the same storyline for too many books, while I believe this works great in fantasy, romance sometimes gets boring and simply dry if it’s too stretched out. Also I love getting those tiny sneak peaks at the couples from the previous books in the later ones, sometimes it just makes me smile and feels like seeing a friend again.

Please follow, like and comment if you enjoyed my review and as always feel free to tell me of books you’d like for me to read. I would also like to tell you that I created an instagram account just for book purposes, so if you are interested please follow me there @sleepvsread !

Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them



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